The Paragons of Legend Edit

The White tower is a prestigious order; to be a member commands the highest of the highest honor. Unlike the bureaucratic nobles and the political Eresia the Paladins of the Tower are only admitted by their Exemplary service, unquestionable faith and extraordinary deeds.

All servants of the Tower are behelden to one of the Knightly Deities, Wrath, Justice or Righteousness. Many worthy Paladins serve as uninitated crusaders in the lower ranks but there are few actual Exemplars that exist.

People of note Edit

Galvus Silversand - Lord Exemplar, commander of the Tower

Aurelio Demethrys - High Exemplar

Cyrus Demethrys - High Exemplar

Dominic Grayson - High Exemplar, Demigod

Coram Basilean - Knight Errant

Erland Jax - Knight Errant