Territories of New Calinth Edit

The City of New Calinth is the second largest city on Ardense, being one of three main ports that connect the Eastern Kingdoms to the Western. It is the united front of the Eresian League, offering a new start and new beginning from those of the homeland who yearn for more.

The City of Redstone in the West reaches is about 3 quarters the size of New Calinth, with it's imposing walls mined from the nearby quarries. It is a defensible city as it lies on the outer territory of expansion and shares borders with the more hostile of the native trbies.

The township of Karsten in the North is the last stronghold of the League before reaching the Elven sphere of influence, surrounded by forests in all directions many of it's inhabitants are able bodied and adept survivalists.

People of Note Edit

New Calinth: Edit

Aranas Foror - Protectorate of Calinth, Deceased

Erias Foror - Priest of the Sun

Marcelle Du'ceua - Priest of Knowledge

Janic Tudor - Secretary of the state

Jaric Helmsworth - Captain of the Guard

Lord Montierre De’ville - Noble of New Calinth

William Merrin - Commander of Calinth

Maximillian Durant - Leader of the Vanguard

Redstone: Edit

Varin Redstone - Steward of Redstone

Morick Restone - Commander of Redstone

Kiln Ironjaw - Spymaster / Tactition

Karsten: Edit

Lord Elwys Kraster - Mayor of Karsten