Calvaire Edit

"The champion raised his spear; the roving clans were united under a singular purpose"- the Parthiad

Calvaire is the second largest landmass, sitting at about two thirds the size of Ardense. It is the ancestral home of humanity and has the highest population density. Unlike the chaotic sprawl of Ardense and the marvellous formations of Zannar, Calvaire is relatively tame in its landscapes. It has vast stretching plains, unshaped forests, classic mountain ranges and regular climates. There are 3 primary powers that hold sway over these lands; The monarchy of Thessera, The League of Eresia and the Arkasai Merchant Consortium. The history of Calvaire is rife with conflict and hostility but recent efforts by all ruling bodies has seen an unprecedented time of peace and, to a lesser extent, prosperity which is largely welcomed by all.

Because of its sheer population there are several hubs that have sprung into existence in Calvaire that are the forefronts of progress, commerce and other areas of universal interest and benefit which has attracted many dwarves and elves to the land. Through the combined efforts of all the races living here the opportunities in the continent are nearly endless and there is always more that can be done. This expansion within has also led to the great importance of the expansion out into Ardense, as Calvaire faces rising tensions for the increasingly limited amount of space that the continent has to offer.

Lands of Calvaire Edit

Vales of Thessara

The Vales of Thessara are a rich eco-system of connected valleys and plains that stretch out westward from the great river Erakos. In these seemingly enchanted lands the theocratic kingdom of Thesaron was founded, a vast nation independent of the various states of the Eresian Basin. There are three general divisions in the Vales, the Erakosan Savanna, the Seranus Highland and the Steppe of Tycharus. Within these regions there are various other areas that are characteristic of only the Vales.

The Erakosan Savanna is an unnaturally enormous stretch of level terrains with only a few mountains dotting its landscape and having a few forests and minor hill formations. It is the most bountiful land in the continent which has people believing that there is some kind of enchantment or blessing upon it that the Erakosan inhabitants reap. The landmarks of the Plains are the Mount Colios, the tallest mountain in the world, the fields of splendour, rumoured to be dense with magic, and the Capitol port city of Thesaron, Thessan.

The Seranus Highland has the highest mountain ranges in Calvaire and despite its cool climate it has pristine green forests that climb its slopes. The formation of the valleys and the mountains is almost artistic in nature and to look upon it one might even think that it was a canvas of the Gods. The very same beauty almost hides the fact that some of the most dangerous beasts and monstrosities have made their home in the Highland, leaving it one of the least populated areas of Calvaire. There are many unique locations inside the highland but none are more famous than 'Champions Rise', one of the most dangerous places in Aesyr and one of the few recognizable landmarks noted in the Ancient Parthiad.

The Steppe of Tycharus is most well known for it's quarries and mines that produce a unique metallic substance called Ardenite which is to date the most reactive substance for the imbuing of magic. This is the greatest source of Thessaron wealth as it is unique to the Steppe and sought after in every nation. The Steppe itself is hemmed by mountain ranges that extend southward from both The Erakosa and Seranus. The coasts bordering are still considered the part of the Tycharus Steppe and this constitutes most of the coastal areas in Thessara, having various coastal towns, cities and industrial ports which in essence mirror the abundance of the Savanna.

Eresian Basin

The Eresian Basin while not technically a basin, is an enormous lowland that teems with racial and cultural diversity. There are eight city-states that function within the basin, all of them having their own policies and unique cultural heritages alongside with diversity offered by the other races that are attracted to those standpoints. The eight city states are Halseth, Vallejo, Cirdanil, Selwar, Cor'Ateth, Foresia, Braenore and Calinth and together they hold a tense yet firm alliance known as the Eresian League.

In the Northern reaches of the basin are the harsher, colder more rugged terrains that are home to states of Cor'Ateth and Selwar. The Borders of the northern territories are divided by mountain ranges and rivers that cross the mountain valleys. Although they fringe the basin they are still considered part of the Eresia as a whole but the inhabitants themseves are the most disconnected from the rest of the league. Cor'Ateth is most notable for it's large areas of wild lands and clans whilst Selwar has a more barren snowscape and simplistic way of life.

In the sholan lowland of the basin are the more temperate and consistent lands, bearing colder climates in the far northern ends, with a tropical climate in the midsection of the basin. The bulk of the League states exist here, which are Halseth, Cirdanil, Calinth and Foresia. the various state-teritories here are marked by rivers and border posts along the basin plains. The northern section of lowlands are dominated by the Halesian city-state, with many towns and cities under the protective rule of Halseth itself. It is marked by the well ordered nature of the cities and the industrial designations of the state, and it is also the largest, most militaristic and organised of them. It is Governed by the chamber of law.

In the mid and south sections of the lowlands are the other three states. in the east there is the state of Calinth which two of the basins rivers wind through, and most of the settlements of the state are on one of these two rivers. the state has several representatives from each body of people that governs its policy and progress. It also has the most coastal territory and as such has several ports and the city of Calinth itself is situated by the sea and is the largest harbour in the League. Cirdanil is perhaps in itself the smallest City of the states itself but it has two other large cities under its rule. It is perhaps the most unstable of the states as it governed by free-thinking liberal leaders which underpins the political climate of the state. Foresia is the largest city but has the smallest territory surrounding it, it is ruled over by a council of elected magisters and is remarkable in the League for it's perfect and orderly structure. The city itself has huge towers that glow with the brilliance of magic and is renowned as the most beautiful city on the continent, if not the world.

In the more humid southern part of the belt exist the states of Vudaji and Valejon. Vundaji is huge and is mostly a desert that covers a great area of the southern lands, having several oases that have large inhabitations and two coastal settlements. Vundaji is less a state and more like a separate country that falls into the bounds of the League, it is also the harshest climate in Calvaire and has the least natural resource. Vallejo sits just above Vundaji and shares some of its properties of its climate but tends to be more tropical. It has great forests and its notable for its widespread religious activity, being the centre for worship within the League and the destination for all pilgrims on this side of the Erakos.