"The champion gazed o'er the ranges; he saw what eyes had not yet seen" -The Parthiad

The enormous landmass of Ardense is only a discovery that has been made in recent years. As far as scholars know it is much larger than the continents of Calvaire and Zannar combined and it is still largely unexplored. Living here are humanoids that were previously never seen or even fathomed; humans, elves, dwarves and the other common folk existed on one side of the world but in this new world were things beyond the average citizen. Orcs, enormous dark skinned and muscle bound warriors that lived in seclusion in their forest villages. Centaurs, half horse and half giant-men that are the professed caretakers of the land. Ogres, huge and brutish with a low tolerance for anything that speaks they are universally avoided and approached only by the most confident. These are only a few of the documented denizens living here.

The first contact with the natives proved disastrous as conflict inevitable occurred because of the wildly varying cultures. Men cut down the forests of the orcs, prompting retaliation from the larger and much more physically superior species. Elves believed themselves superior to all others and sparked tensions between the proud and swift centauri and all manner of other races had conflict with the indigenous creatures of the land. There is still much more to learn about Ardense, the civilised world has barely scraped the surface of this untamed and almost-sentient land.

Lands of Ardense Edit