"Look upon the shores of Valya, paradise promised by the infinite" - The Parthiad

Aesiyr is a world laying undiscovered that has only recently begun to be discovered by its inhabitants. A history of ages past tell of Gods and their hosts sweeping through the lands, destroying and recreating as they please, and of darker time before that. The last 2500 years of recorded history have detailed the flourishing of the more dominant races, humans, elves and dwarves and their sweeping expansion and mastery over the uncharted world. Empires rose and fell, the races warred against and with each other and the lineage of each race has been shaped by their forebears into the nations they are to date. In the most recent years, however, there was an event known simply as the sundering that tore down the great mists, revealing a way to a previously unknown continent.

As the great mists were dispersed, the nations of Eresia rushed into the new continent of Ardense, hoping to expand and claim more land for an ever-growing populace, the dwarves of Zannar came hoping to find new treasures, the elves of Vai'ithel arrived in search of a deeper understanding and the Zealots of Thessera journeyed believing it a sign of the once omnipresent gods. But Ardense had it's own inhabitants that the foreigners had never heard of nor encountered. The Tribal orcs, the nomadic centaur, the barbaric ogres and the mysterious Parsul and many more, all of whom contested the advent of the foreigners by diplomacy or less peaceful means.

The new world had been discovered and its lands were being explored, but even to the local inhabitants much of it still lay in mystery, in contrast to the known and tamed continents of Calvaire and Zannar the land of Ardense was wild and unforgiving, brutal yet beautiful and with secrets that even the arcane sanctums of High elves could not scry.

Denizens of Aesyir

Aesyir has 3 known landmasses; the continents of Calvaire, Zannar and Ardense. Calvaire is the ancestral home of humanity, producing all the diversities of man and landscape. It is also where halflings and dragon born originated from. Zannar is the birthplace of dwarves, gnomes and elves. It shelters the most beautiful and perplexing forests whilst also having the most formidable and imposing mountain ranges. Ardense is a sweeping landscape full of many native and less 'civilised' tribes of inhabitants. It's landmass is the most diverse of all continents, rugged mountains, sprawling forests, arid deserts and freezing tundras, almost being chaotic in a poetic way.

There are 5 great empires in the world. The Kingdom of Thessaron, dominated by religious leadership and devotion to the Gods. The League of Eresia, a coalition of independent factions tied together as one united front. the Gundejar, the accord of dwarven lords that unites dwarves under one banner. the Tal'enar, the loose and tense mutual alliance of the elusive elves. and the State of Arkasai, smallest among nations but with the greatest merchants.

The Story so far


- New Calinth

- The White Tower

- Azure Crusade

- The Jok'tan

Divine encounters:

- Pantheon

- Demigods

- Greater Beings

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